About me: Serena Meniconi

I completed my university studies in 2011 with a publication, extracted from my degree thesis, on the little-known frescoes of the Pyramid of Cestius, testimony to the Egyptian influence in Rome.

Important parts of my academic years certainly include the chance of learning from the great Italian archaeologist Professor Eugenio La Rocca, as well as the time spent at the German University of Munich, which has exposed me to an international context and strongly improved my knowledge of foreign languages.

In 2012, I joined the Educational Operators of the Vatican Museums, thus enhancing my passion for teaching and guided tours.

I successfully passed the Rome tourist guide National Competition in 2014 and I now work for various tourist agencies in and around Rome.

My passions include archaeology, art and history.

My interests include cinema, music and dancing; I have been practicing for years various types of couple dances that make me feel really close and connected to the Latin American culture: Cuban salsa and Brazilian forrò.

I believe in respecting nature, in the harmony of mankind within the universe and I bear a true love for animals, especially little cats … who, with their elegance immortalized in the ruins of Rome, have increased the fame of the Eternal City.

Every day, I have the good fortune, through my job, to meet people from various parts of the world… and I am grateful for the positive energy, curiosity and love shown by visitors for the beauty of Rome.

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