Welcome to Rome​

Welcome to Rome

My name is Serena and I am an archaeologist and licensed tour guide from Rome and the Lazio region.

I decided to create this page with the aim of giving you an idea of what you can find in this beautiful city, as well as find out about what my tours offer. My motivation revolves around creating quality guided tours shaped around the real interests of my tourists.

My passion for archaeology, history and art finds its roots in Rome, among the ruins of the capital of the Roman Empire and other magnificent artworks.

Through years of experience in the field, I learned that a quality guided tour becomes possible when hosted in smaller tourist groups, thus allowing for a greater human and intellectual interaction between the guide and the visitors.

Guided tours will be real walks down the history lane, a unique experience to discover the secrets of the Eternal City through anecdotes, traditions and why not … even flavours!





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