Ancient Ostia

Ancient Ostia ... the other Pompeii a stone's throw from Rome!

The archaeological area of ​​the ancient port of Rome is a real treasure only a few km away from the city. Its name derives from “ostium” which stems from the Latin “mouth”; in fact, it owes its existence to the proximity of the river Tiber and the sea. According to tradition, it was the King of Rome Ancus Marcius who founded this port city around 620BC. 
The archaeological site preserves splendid mosaics, ancient streets, shops, houses, as well as pagan, Jewish and Christian places of worship, a magnificent theatre (still in use today for summer events), thermal baths and latrines. 
Strolling around through the ruins you will feel like going back in time and really living in the age of ancient Rome.
To discover the daily life of the Romans, all you have to do is book this tour and enjoy a half day outdoors, where archaeology and nature come together in a place of peace and quiet, away from mass tourism.

Meeting point: the appointment will be in Piazzale Ostiense, near the entrance to the Piramide underground station.
From there we will take the Rome-Lido train together to reach Ostia Antica in about 30 minutes.
The cost of the train ticket is 3 euros return per person.

Private shuttle: As an alternative to public transport it will be possible to reserve a private shuttle.

Time of the day: morning or afternoon, to be negotiated.

Duration: about 3 hours

Useful information: For our walk in the archaeological area, comfortable clothes and shoes are recommended. 
During summer, it is recommended to carry a hat or parasol and a bottle of water. 
No luggage storage is available at the premises.


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